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Initiatives and Outreach

Image by Adam Winger
Grace Projects

To reach, restore and raise up those affected by human trafficking while providing shelter, protection and Christ-centered therapeutic resources. This includes Anna's house: an all-inclusive, bed, comprehensive healing home for adult female survivors of sexual and labor exploitation focusing on trauma and addiction recovery.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Pearl Project

Survivor-made products inspired by freedom, made with love, by the hands of survivors!

Strip Club and Hotel Outreach

STRIP CLUB OUTREACH - Trained teams go into local strip clubs where sexual exploitation is rampant and build relationships, provide the women with support, gifts and resources as needed.  

HOTEL OUTREACH - Trained teams go to local hotels known for prostitution and drugs and provide those at risk of or being exploited with gifts bags filled with basic needs. The team also provides referrals and resources to the women. 

JAIL OUTREACH - A Trained team will  meet with female inmates to teach life skills and worship. This allows TJI the opportunity to create unique and special relationships with the inmates in order to help them with services upon re-entry to the community.

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